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many business owners tell me,

"I don’t have a sales page, I'm not sure what to say to get people signing up"

"I rewrote the page, but my messaging is still off"

"It’s hard to explain my offer. I struggle to put what I do into words"

Real talk: Your sales page is costing you clients (and money!)

Let's change that...



Make business more fun, easy & profitable

*Ping!* Your phone buzzes

with another sale notification while out for coffee

• You open your calendar and see more discovery calls booked (yay!)

• You look forward to Mondays to work with your amazing and fun clients!



most importantly,

Your life becomes so much better!

Flexible schedule

Whizz through Costco on Tuesday morning since nobody's there

Money for fun extras

Upgrade to first-class plane tickets on vacation (because heck yea, you can afford it!)

Time off 

Take 3-day weekends every week since you don't have to work so hard to market & get clients



sounds amazing —

But howwww?

Writing a sales page is tricky when you don't know how.

If your sales page sucks (or doesn't exist) you're cheating yourself out of lots of money.

It's the ONE THING standing between you and more clients.

People either buy or book you... or leave empty-handed.

Isn't this worth a few hours for the flexibility, freedom & money it brings?



if so, you're invited to

Sales Page Bootcamp

If you sell ANYTHING, you need this course!

Get templates & tutorials for everything: services, coaching, courses, memberships, programs & products.

They each have their own nuances. You get pages for all of them.

Plus, this is the ONLY way to get my Million Dollar Messaging process that has generated over $12 million for my clients!

Clients have used this to create their sales page in just one day. 

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Bootcamp is perfect for...

business owners

Copy that gets people reaching for their wallet is an essential business skill. And nobody knows your business like you!


Pass things off to your team and know it'll be done right. Elevate your team's capabilities & performance with writing effective copy!


Book bigger & better projects by offering messaging and sales pages. Use my winning system and get top results for clients! 



Make your offer a must-have

get all this!

Million-Dollar Message to get dream clients saying "Ooo, I need this!" 

Accelerate with AI to finish 10x faster, while being authentically you

'Your X Factor' to make your offer stand out

Edit Like A Boss to make your copy 'pop'

Canva Design Mockups that look professional

Sales Page Style Guide for conversion-boosting designs

Step-by-step trainings for pages that sell

Course & program sales page template

Membership sales page template

Coaching sales page template

Product sales page template

Work With Me services page template

Lifetime access & free updates!


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"50 people joined my program, thanks to my new sales page!"

Jen Hernandez, client 


3 steps to pages that sell

step one

Million-Dollar Messaging

Dial in your message with my signature process that has made my clients millions

Explain your offer so dream clients immediately understand (and want to buy)

How to sell intangible outcomes as powerfully as tangible results

Money-making testimonials that practically write themselves - in just 5 minutes! 

Expand your pool of buyers by discovering new audiences who are looking for your offer

Easily turn a 'hot mess' of client feedback, reviews, testimonials, and video transcripts into sales-generating messaging

Pinpoint messaging that is uniquely you (and nobody can compete with!) in a fraction of the time using AI


step TWO

Accelerate with AI

No generic & bland content here! Use AI as a partner (not a writer) to create effective copy

Time-saving shortcuts for finishing your page 10x faster

Never get stuck again! Use AI to find the perfect thing to say 

Prompts that give actually useful insights for copy that converts

Make more sales by finding the blind spots you missed 

Find fresh angles and opportunities you never would have thought of 


step THREE

Write your page

Breeze through your page in no time! 

Turn your messaging into copy that converts with tried and true strategies & frameworks

Templates for services, courses, programs, memberships, coaching & products

Write your page in easy bite-sized sections (no overwhelm!)

Line-by-line training so you know exactly what to say

Proven structure and flow makes your offer an "easy yes"

Confidently create persuasive copy that sells, without being salesy!




Join now and get $295 in sales-boosting bonuses!

Bonus #1

Find Your X Factor

Discover what sets your business apart... and why people should buy from you!

These actionable insights increase sales, confidence, & demand.

VALUE: $99


Bonus #2

Edit Like A Boss

Supercharge your copy with editing tricks only professional copywriters know!

Easily make your page persuasive, clear, & punchy.

VALUE: $47




Bonus #3

Sales Page Client Brief

Get my exact process and questions I ask clients that make it easy to write high-converting copy.

Get everything you need from clients in 1 call! 

 VALUE: $99


Bonus #4

Sales Page Design Tips

Boost sales with design strategies & resources that get more people clicking your buttons!

Sell more with a page that is designed to convert. 

 VALUE: $149




"We DOUBLED our sales goal!

We had so many people wanting to join the program that we opened 2 cohorts!"

Ronda Nelson, client 






"How do you write copy SO GOOD, so fast?!"

As an in-demand copywriter for 10+ , I've written copy for some of the biggest names in online business.

Here's my secrets...

• I have a simple, repeatable process (I never start from scratch)

• I uncover effective messaging unique to each business so the copy speaks to people and sells

• I've developed frameworks that are proven to get clients & customers reaching for their wallet

I've taught HUNDREDS of people to write copy, and I can teach you too!

Ready to articulate what you do,  get people excited to buy, and have a page that promotes your offer all day, every day??

Katie Momo has featured in:


Entrepreneurs love my courses!




Frequently Asked Questions
  • When do I get access to everything?
    You get full access right when you sign up.

    Once purchasing, you'll receive an email your login details, and you can dive in immediately?
  • How long does it take to do?
    If you want to dive straight into the sales page training and templates, feel free!

    I've had people use my templates to get their pages done in 1 day.

    When writing my own sales pages, I'm typically squeezing it in between client work, so I might casually write a few sections a day.

    If you want to do the messaging work beforehand, it's not necessary but it makes writing easier (and the copy more effective!). It's usually a few hours of work.

    Whether your goal is to knock out your page in a day, or you want to go 'deep' into your own buyer messaging and psychology, Sales Page Bootcamp is here for you!
  • What niches do these pages work for?
    These templates are tested and proven in about every niche, with all different kinds of products.

    If you have services, courses, programs, membership, coaching, or products, Sales Bootcamp will be immensely helpful for you.
  • How long do I have access for?
    You get full access to Bootcamp for the lifetime of the program - so basically, forever!

    PLUS you get free updates! I am continuously testing and making updates and upgrades as I discover new, better, easier strategies.
  • Who should take this course?
    Bootcamp will help 3 groups of people - business owners, team members, and copywriters.
  • What website or platform is this for?
    All of them!

    No matter what you use (Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Leadpages, Kajabi, etc), you can use these sales page templates.

    This is about buyer psychology, and less about the bells and whistles of any particular platform.

    I've had clients use this on every kind of platform under the sun.
  • Do you offer a guarantee?
    Given the digital nature of this course, all sales are final.

    But I'm certain you will be thrilled with it!

    I have made my decade of million-dollar experience easy and accessible in this course. I have a knack for making my trainings simple, practical, and easy-to-follow so you can reach your goals.
  • How many sales page templates do I get?
    There are 5 templates to choose from! Courses / programs, coaching, memberships, products, and services.



Ready for a page that gets people buying & booking your offers?

Even when you’re not working? (Yesss! )

Stop staring at a blank Google Doc, having copy that misses the mark, & leaving money on the table.

Join Sales Page Bootcamp:

➜ Quickly get your page done & start make more sales

➜ Find messaging that shows your offer special, different, and a total must-have

➜ Clearly and persuasively articulate what you do so people go, “I need that!!”

➜ Attract the best clients and customers (people who are fun, easy & get great results)

➜ Have more “me” time outside of your business, while making more sales!



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Sales Page Style Guide.........$100

Step-by-step training............$249

Course page template...........$199

Program page template........$199

Membership template...........$199

Coaching page template.......$199

Product page template.........$199

Service page template..........$199

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4 monthly payments of $29 

Or one-time payment of $99


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Sales Page Bootcamp

Step-by-step messaging, training & templates for every kind of sales page!


Money-making messaging

Proven sales page copy templates

Simple training anyone can follow

AI strategies for effective & unique copy 

Lifetime access & free updates

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